Bat Mitigation 101: A Useful Guide For Fairfax Homeowners


According to the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DVR), bats are classified in the order Chiroptera, which roughly translates to “hand wing.” Belonging to the Class Mammalia, bats are the only type of mammal that can maintain continuous flight. After dark, bats emerge and provide a benefit to the overall ecosystem by consuming many types […]

Fairfax Property Owners’ Complete Guide To Bat Management


Bats are a common sight in Fairfax, and while many people enjoy watching them fly around at dusk, they can also be a nuisance if they start roosting on your property. Not only do bats pose a health hazard because of the diseases they can carry, but they can also damage buildings and attract other […]

What To Do About Bats On Your Fairfax Property


Bats in Virginia are beneficial in their natural habitat. A bat can eat 50% to 75% of its weight in insects each night. Since there may be 1,000 bats in a given landscape, bats can eat thousands of insect pests each night. Description Of Virginia Bats Seventeen species of bats have been found in Virginia. There […]