Pest Control in Northern Virginia

Premium Home Pest Control For Northern Virginia Residents

Premium Home Pest Control For Northern Virginia Residents

If pests get into your Northern Virginia home, they do more than cause a mild annoyance. Pests disrupt your life, and the issues they create can lead to injury or illness if you don’t deal with them in a timely manner. From stinging insects building nests on your porch to rodents moving into your attic, trained professionals know the safest, most efficient ways to remove pests from your house and make sure they don’t return.

SPRK Pest Solutions provides homeowners with quality pest control that is effective, eco-friendly, and guaranteed. No matter what pest problem you’re experiencing, we can take care of it.

General Pest Control From SPRK Pest Solutions

A free initial inspection of your home alerts us to the problems you’re experiencing with pests. We want to determine what pests are in your house, how they’re getting inside, where they are harboring and nesting, and what conditions may be contributing to the problem.

We’ll inspect both inside and outside your house, including the crawl space and plumbing voids, to gather the information we need.
After we have the information we need, we’ll develop a treatment plan designed around your home’s specific pest problems.

We’ll treat all problem areas and perform an exterior perimeter treatment to protect your home from any outside pests that might try to get inside. We’ll also knock down all spider webs and wasp nests around your house up to 20 feet high.

If rodents are a problem for your house, we’ll provide up to four sticky pads for monitoring, as well as a discount on any future rodent treatments. We also provide small pest exclusion work with our general pest control. Larger exclusion work is available as an add-on service.

Depending on your needs, our general pest control is available as a one-time service or recurring services to protect your home in the long term. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly follow-up visits and will work with you to determine the schedule that meets your home’s pest control needs.

Additional Pest Control Options

Pest Control Options

In addition to our general pest control services, we also offer bed bug and termite control services.

Our bed bug control service includes an initial inspection, a treatment, a two-week follow-up, and a one-month follow-up if necessary. It also has a three-month warranty.

For termite control, we offer the options of liquid termite treatments, termite monitoring systems, or both. Pre-construction treatments are also available. Our termite treatments come with a one-year, transferable warranty.

A detailed inspection of your house alerts us to what pests are causing problems and where the problem areas are, allowing us to target our treatments to solve your pest problems in the best way possible.

Thorough treatments that are designed specifically for your house focus on eliminating active pests and preventing new infestations. We use products that are safe for your family and pets.

We offer several follow-up treatment options, including monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services. We also offer one-time services. We’ll work with you to determine what’s right for your situation.

Your Pest-Free Home Starts With SPRK Pest Solutions

Keeping your home pest-free provides you with peace of mind and helps you avoid all of the health and safety issues that can arise from a pest infestation.

When you are experiencing a pest problem, SPRK Pest Solutions provides accessible, efficient, and punctual pest control services to eliminate your pest problems.

With your satisfaction guaranteed, you have nothing to lose except your pest problems. Contact us today to request a free quote.
Learn how our team can effectively eliminate pests from your Northern Virginia business.

Why Do Mice Come

Commercial Pest Control For Your Northern Virginia Business

Pest infestations are never welcome, but when they occur in your business, the disruptions they cause can be significant.

Injury, disease, and property damage are all consequences of a pest infestation, and these problems can have catastrophic consequences for your business.

From harming your customers to ruining your reputation, you need to keep pests out of your Northern Virginia business to keep it running successfully.

SPRK Pest Solutions provides the pest control services your commercial facility needs to become and stay pest-free.

What To Expect From SPRK Pest Solutions

Every business has unique pest control needs which depend on many factors, including the industry you’re in, the layout of your building, the conditions outside your building, and more. In order to get the pest control services you need, the professionals at SPRK Pest Solutions must carefully inspect your property to gain insight into exactly what factors are contributing to your pest problems.

We’ll inspect both the interior and exterior of your facility, looking for the following:

Once we understand the specific pest problems your business is facing, we can develop a pest control plan that utilizes Integrated Pest Management methodology for the most effective, lowest impact outcomes. We’ll work with you to create an initial treatment plan and a follow-up schedule that meets your business’s needs. We usually do follow-up treatments on a monthly basis, but this is customizable based on your business’s specific pest control needs.

What to Expect from SPRK Pest Solutions

Facilities We Service


Taking care of children is a huge responsibility and one that requires a safe and healthy space for them. Keep dangerous pests out of your daycare with the help of SPRK Pest Solutions.


Keeping your HOA’s green spaces safe and pleasant areas sometimes requires the help of professional pest control operators. SPRK Pest Solutions can make those spaces pest-free.

Retail Stores

With inventory at risk of damage and customers at risk of never returning, you can’t afford a pest infestation in your retail store. Partner with SPRK Pest Solutions to keep it pest-free.

Dance Studios

Nothing will throw off a performance like pests darting across the dance floor. Protect your students and keep your dance studio pest-free with the help of SPRK Pest Solutions.

Auto Parts Stores

Pests can find plenty of places to hide in a store full of auto parts, but no customer will want to shop there if the products are damaged. Keep your store running with SPRK Pest Solutions.


If pests get into your restaurant, they will contaminate the food, putting your customers at risk of serious illness. Protect your customers and your restaurant by partnering with SPRK Pest Solutions.


Reasons To Choose
SPRK Pest Solutions

When the success of your business is at stake, you need pest control that works. At SPRK Pest Solutions:

  • We provide accessible, efficient, and punctual service.
  • We value effective communication to ensure we meet your needs.
  • We deliver service with honesty, integrity, and respect.
  • We collaborate with you to ensure you get the service your business requires.
  • We offer free inspections and quotes.
  • We guarantee our services.
  • We provide treatments that work effectively while being as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • We use EPA-approved products.
  • We train our service technicians in the most effective methods.

The Solution Is Clear

If pests get into your business, you need a solution, and you need it quickly. Luckily, the solution is clear. SPRK Pest Solutions provides proven pest control that safely and fully eliminates the pest problems in your business.

We work with you to develop a customized plan for your business and maintain treatments to ensure no new pest infestations occur. To request your free inspection, contact us today.
Learn how our team can effectively eliminate pests from your Northern Virginia home.

The Solution Is Clear

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Customer Reviews

Karen L.
Karen L.
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The technician, Jason was super friendly right from the start. He was patient with me and the many questions that I asked and he answered them fully and with obvious knowledge. He was super kind and courteous the entire time. I am SO VERY pleased with SPRK, Jason, and the service that was provided
Joshua W
Joshua W
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We’ve been using these guys for a couple of years now, and they are fantastic. Our tech is always professional, and courteous. The office team provides flexibility when scheduling quarterly visits, and they are always quick to respond to messages/texts.I highly recommend this small business over one of the big chains. They really work to resolve our problem.
Silvia H.
Silvia H.
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Amazing service at an affordable price. I contacted SPRK and was able to get a service appointment within a day. The owner and tech both came and spoke with me to address all of our concerns. Very professional, well spoken and knowledgeable. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for excellent service at a great cost.

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